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OSPT Wellness


Personal Coaching

It's MORE than Training

The Wellness program at OSPT is focused on YOU.  Our healthcare based staff are the experts in physical activity and health in the region.  After a thorough evaluation, we will use a combination of exercise and mindset coaching to get you moving better than ever.  This is more than just training and exercise.  Our program is a lifestyle change for the better.

Our Services Include:

  • One on one Training

  • Small Group Training

  • Sport Training

  • Post Rehab 

  • Athletic Performance Assessment

  • Pre/Post Concussion Testing

  • Personalized Programming

Therapeutic Yoga

Flexibility at Any Pace

Yoga at OSPT Wellness is the most comprehensive yoga experience in Southern Maryland.  Beneficial for any level, our world class instructor, Kim Kaloz, will get you:

  • more mobile

  • more relaxed

  • more confident

Than ever before. ​

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