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Physical Therapy


Skilled Manual Therapy

What is Maitland Therapy?

Maitland Therapy is considered the cornerstone of modern day orthopedic manual therapy for treatment all joints of the body. This approach is patient-centric and respects the diagnosis with an understanding of the underlying cause.  At OSPT, all of our clinicians receive advanced training in the Maitland Australian Approach. 

Our manual techniques gently provoke the patient's actual symptoms using carefully graded passive mobilization. This approach is recognized worldwide as an efficient, safe and gentle way to evaluate and treat the orthopedic patient to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, restore movement and maximize function.

"The Maitland-Australian Approach is highly efficient and effective in the management of neuromuskuloskeletal conditions."

The Maitland approach requires the development and continual refinement of clinical assessment skills and clinical judgment by utilizing a thorough and accurate evaluation. This dynamic thought process results in a more knowledgeable treating clinician.  The Maitland approach has always been, and continues to be, concerned with the patient's needs above all.  Few philosophies of manual therapy can claim the same level of commitment to the patient's values and well-being, as the Maitland Approach.  


Post Operative Care

Keeping You Healthy


Sports Rehabilitation

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State of the Art Equipment

Functional Squat Machine

This Functional Squat System is the first closed-chain system specially designed for diagnostic testing and optimal rehabilitation. The unique pivoting sled design replicates a standing squat during the entire range of motion.

The Functional Squat System allows your therapist to establish baseline data and design a strengthening program based on those results. The computer gives patients real-time feedback and helps them learn to control speed of movement. Eccentric training, or controlled lowering, has been shown to create muscle strength gains faster then concentric training or muscle shortening exercises.


Biodex Balance Trainer

The Balance System is as a valuable evaluation tool and training device designed to look at balance in both two-leg stance and single-leg stance positions.  

Deficits are treated with computer game-like training sessions to enhance dynamic bilateral and unilateral postural stability on a static or unstable surface.

biodex balance.jpg

Traction Machines

OSPT has five traction tables that can perform cervical, lumbar or hip traction. These computerized traction machines allow for individual programming and pull patterns that deliver pull forces that closely mimic the hands-on feel of a therapist. All phases of pull can be isolated with independent timing settings for pretension, progression, traction and regression. Speed of pull and static, intermittent and cyclic options can be varied for patient comfort

lumbar traction.jpeg

Total Gym Power Tower

Total Gym Power Tower allows for incremental load changes during exercise, hosts the adjustable glideboard and provides the utmost versatility for high-performance sports-specific conditioning, athletic training and rehabilitation. Able to load from 1%-72% body weight, Total Gym PowerTower is for those who simply want the best. The new Power Tower allows us to change resistance levels without the patient ever having to get off the machine.

total gym power tower.jpg

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a revolutionary technology that helps decrease pain, without drugs or surgery. The Class 4 Laser in the Lightforce EX works through photobiomodulation. When damaged tissue is exposed to high levels of laser energy, it absorbs this energy more than healthy tissue. This energy increases blood flow to the tissue, increases the metabolism in the tissue’s cells and provides the optimal environment for your tissue to heal. What does all this mean? You should see decreased pain after one treatment. 

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy can be used on a variety of conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, low back pain, sciatica and carpal tunnel. Quite simply, if it hurts, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy can help. 

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is not a covered modality for insurance reimbursement despite years of research validating its effectiveness. OSPT offers to it's physical therapy patients a free trial to see if it will benefit you prior to paying for it. The laser is also available to the general public, just call and make a laser appointment!

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