Work Hardening and Conditioning


Work Hardening

Our Work Hardening program at OSPT is an intensive and thorough approach to get the industrial athlete back to work.  We blend evidence based practice, work specific tasks, and advanced principles of strength and conditioning to get your clients back to the job on time and prepared. 

  • Dedicated Staff for Work Hardening meaning you get the most up to date information.

  • Extensive experience, especially with the Fire, Police, and EMT populations and other high impact jobs.

Work Conditioning

When the patient is so close but just not there yet, work conditioning is their ticket.  A shorter program than work hardening, we focus more on general strength and conditioning that will carry over into the work place.  

  • Our staff includes strength and conditioning professionals that can create custom, effective, and time saving programs to get results for your workers, fast.

  • Ease of scheduling, means more compliance and better progress. 


Please contact us for additional information about our special services.